Raw: Undyed, Natural Bedding


Our undyed range.

Our "raw," natural cotton colored bedding sets, made from incredibly soft, pure organic cotton.If you’re attracted to all things organic or concerned about which products you’re allowing in your dwelling, this is the best way to go.Our sheets are as soft as it gets. They’re as pure as it gets as well. So much so that you can put a baby down to sleep on our raw, natural cotton colored crib sheets and feel good about their resting on sheer goodness. The fibers have been through no dying process whatsoever – just pure, natural cotton. So you get to walk away with the beautiful, natural color (and benefits!) of the most pristine of cottons.Our organic cotton is grown slowly as nature intended and is untouched by harsh chemicals from seed to stitch. The result is a cotton unmatched in softness and strength that beats any like for like comparison with conventional cotton.

You'll feel it is softer than any dyed sheets, and you may even see the tiny specs of natural material that made it through the manufacturing process but weren't masked by any kind of dying process.The raw fabric boasts a creamy, bone color that warms up a space in no time. Inviting and simple, this hue fits in with any design.Take the all natural path and set an outdoor scene indoors with a living plant section next to your all natural bedding. Mix the natural color with navy for a raw elegance or combine our white sheet set with a natural colored cotton duvet cover for a comfy chic look.We love how clean, warm, and safe our raw cotton colored fabric is and feels for you. Introduce the natural bedding into a room full of color or neutrals. It’s a win – for the eyes and your wellbeing.

Try these colour combinations....
Try these color combinations....

Want to mix things up?

Want to mix things up?

Our raw, natural colored cotton bedding goes perfectly with our other lighter shades.

Are you thinking about white? Blush pink? Light gray? No worries here! Put down light pink bedding with a natural colored duvet or go another route and match the raw fabric with light gray for a bit more mood: one gray duvet with a pair of pillowcases of the same color and a raw duvet cover. Our neutral and natural colored cotton is a must-have for your comfort and health alike.