Gray Bedding

Grey Bedding

Subtle or dramatic gray bedding sets, made from incredibly soft, pure organic cotton.A hue that will never go out of fashion. We offer two different tones of gray, selected just for you.Gray. Our gray sheets are made up of that intermediate color between black and white, the neutral that keeps on giving because it can’t help but go with everything.The color of acloud-covered sky that brings with it a weight of peace, calm, and tranquility. An ideal choice for sleeptime.

Taupe Gray. Taupe is a neutral tone – which is created by combining two colors that are opposite from one another on the color wheel – complementary colors. In this case, brown and gray, together, result in our taupe gray bedding sets. A lovely choice for another go-to neutral and definitely the coolest warm tone around. A taupe gray duvet cover provides the perfect backdrop to compliment and offset brighter colors in a room.Try our taupe gray bedding set to add warmth or a dramatic look to your bedroom. Or add light gray as a beautiful selection to balance other colors and provide a sophisticated feel to your home.

Want to mix things up? Try these colour combinations....
Want to mix things up? Try these color combinations....
pink and light gray folded organic sheets

Pink and Gray Bedding

Light Grey and Pink Bedding

Our favorite colors are like two peas in a pod. A class act. We’re pointing to gray and pink bedding. Soft on soft. These two colors beckon you to let up, slow down, recline, and take it easy. Nothing is easier to do when home looks this good! Give this a go to see how it feels: our pink sheet set with a gray duvet cover and gray shams. Relaxation station.

Light Gray and Navy Blue Bedding

Light Gray and Navy Blue Bedding

Want something a little more stereotypically masculine but also sophisticated? Then this combination ticks the box. Try our navy sheets paired with light gray shams. Wake up within a navy duvet cover with a light gray bedding set. Throw some light gray shams atop and call it a day. All of the right elements, a proven recipe, for a good night’s sleep.


light gray and navy folded organic sheets
light gray and dark gray folded organic sheets

Taupe Gray and Light Gray Bedding

Light and Taupe Gray Bedding

Our Taupe Gray adds some warmth to an otherwise monochrome palette. Or maybe you just want a touch of the dramatic with a cozy look....either way, this blend is a visual win-win. Go with dark gray bedding and a light gray duvet cover to dive into something warm(looking) and snuggly after a long day.

Gray and White Bedding..

Light Gray and ....

In fact, this neutral purposely goes well with all of our light colors! Try mixing and matching for a light, summery feel. Gray sheets add some depth to a white bedroom set, while showing off that silvery-slate goodness.

summer colors folded organic sheets