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Fair Trade

We’re a Fair Trade certified brand

You can sleep soundly knowing that your sheets were stitched with care and dedication in a factory where wages are higher, working conditions are good, and there is no child labor.

After all - good design starts with good intentions.

Like so many of you, we were frustrated with the state of the textiles industry. From the use of harmful chemicals to inexcusable child labor, we knew something needed to be done. We were driven to do things differently: to create an environment of empowerment, transparency and integrity for everyone involved.

That’s why from farm to factory, we support fairness for all.

We believe in the power of stronger communities. In addition to fair wages, we contribute to a community-managed fund that our workers use to invest in projects in areas like healthcare, clean water or education.

Fair wages and freedom from unjust discrimination.

Zero forced, or child labor. Period.

Prioritizing health and safety for our workers.

Thank you for helping us do things differently.

We want to empower the workers behind our products by paying a fair price for their cotton and ensuring the safest working conditions.

It’s not just a label. It’s not a charitable project or a marketing initiative. It’s a non-negotiable.

You can learn more about Fair Trade and how they empower workers here.

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